Since we are starting with Mobile Automation with Appium in this article we are going to use Appium Studio – Community Edition from Experitest.

Why? Because to save the hectic and cumbersome installation of appium framework. Moreover, installing the Appium on Windows will not allow you to use iOS devices for automation. Consider this scenario, at the time of writing this article, I’ve a Windows machine and an iPhone 5s. Hence, I’m unable to use just the Appium for automating my device.  But Appium Studio can overcome this hurdle now since I can use my apple id to register as free developer and to test the applications.

What are we going to need?

  • Appium Studio – Community Eddition
  • Java installations
  • Android Studio (for android automation)
  • iTunes (for iOS devices)
  • Physical devices (obviously)

Installing Appium Studio

This is very easy. Just go to Experitest Website and download the setup. Once you are done with the installation, launch the Appium Studio. You’ll see something like this.


Note that in your case, all the windows will be empty (only because I’ve already added my iPhone device)

And we are done with the installation.

Adding Device

Now next step is to add device to our Appium Setup so that we can begin automation. In this example, we are going to add a physical device instead of any emulator.

Android Device

Adding Android device is very easy and straight forward.

  1. Click on Add Device button in device section and select Android Deviceadd device menu - appium-studio
  2. You’ll see Add Android Device dialog as below with the connected device listed.add-android-device
  3. Click on OK and you are done adding your android device to Appium Studio

iOS Device

Adding iOS device on Windows machine is bit tricky unlike Android devices.

  1. Click on Add Device button and select iOS Device
  2. Rest of the instructions can be followed here
  3. Issue which you might face is that when selecting Register Your iOS Developer Account, you might face login error. To overcome this, login to your apple id account and disable two step verification and you’ll be able to login in appium studio then.


That was it. Since we now have Appium Studio configured we can proceed with our testing. This I’ll cover in upcoming articles 🙂


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